A Beginners Guide To Kratom Dosage!

Kratom, incidentally named Mitragyna Speciosa or Biak Biak by native Indonesians, happens to be a powerful plant that originates from SE Asia, well-known for its famous qualities which revolve around factors such as mood enhancing, energy boosting and pain relief.

Kratom is in its raw form an unregulated product but this is a testimony to transparency Spectrum Kratom has achieved in tasting rave kratom reviews because Spectrum Kratom has been awarded with a Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certificate. This calls for some jubilation among its customers.

Kratom is originally available as a dried leaf available in SE Asia with fresh leaves either chewed upon all by itself or crushed leaves that are poured into water to make a stimulating cup of tea. The tea is quite unsavory to taste because Kratom is very bitter and only when taken with smoothies or honey will it drown the bitterness. Kratom leaves were traditionally ingested by chewing in the initial days of its discovery and now after lots of regulation, it is coming in the form of a capsule that is at its potent best.

Kratom Capsules are free from the unhygienic conditions practised at some places with anonymous vendors who leave a lot to be desired in the packing criteria. Spectrum Kratom is originally imported from Vietnam only, in the form of dried leaves and laboratory tested to give you the original vein in capsule form.

There are four forms available to ingest Spectrum Kratom and they are in either powdered form,crushed leaf form, capsule form or as an extract. Kratom Powder forms are great to taste when mixed with smoothies. Enjoy a cold or hot brew with the crushed leaf form. Capsules are the most abundantly used form to consume. The extract form is an ethanol extract to be ingested in liquid form.

Spectrum Kratom imports this leaf in a crushed form from indigenious farmers where it is then sent to a third party to verify potency and cleanliness and a host of other characteristics with consumer safety in mind. Spectrum Kratom instills safe-keeping of the product even though kratom leaf is an unregulated product as Spectrum Kratom undertakes self-regulation of the kratom leaf and comes certified with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)

There are three veins white, red and green that belong to kratom strains. The right dosage gives you the correct benefits being a dose-sensitive herb and if ingested in wrong concentration, it could repel you forever. If ingested in low dosages it could fail to be useful and alternatively high dosages could bring about harmful side effects.

The factors affecting Kratom dosage include body mass, tolerance level and method of intake. The ideal kratom dosage depends on the desired effect you are seeking and a small dose is recommended for beginners. Spectrum Kratom has made simple the kratom experience for everybody by sourcing only the best Kratom from each hued vein. A Super charged green vein, Tranquil red vein and a centering white vein.

The different strains of the product include Green Kratom Strain, Red Kratom Strain and White Kratom Strain. Green kratom strain is the most potent strain and contains a high alkaloid content (Mitragynine and 7- hydroxymitragynine ). Red Kratom Strain is also called Red Bali and has the same strain as the Green Kratom. White Kratom is also called White Sunda and consists of the same strain as the one possessed by Green or red Strain of kratom.