Spectrum Kratom (SpectrumKratom.com) is excited to announce its GMP certification verified through the American Kratom Association’s GMP program official auditors. GMP simply means “Good Manufacturing Practices” and includes such facets as lab testing all of the products being sold, manufacturing them within a clean/sterile environment, implementing traceability, lot numbers and batch records, along with annual 3rd party facility audits.  This is excellent news for consumers who care about quality, consistency, and eliminates any guess-work when it comes to trusting the source, they’re buying their Kratom from. Spectrum Kratom has been a leader in elevating Kratom industry standards since its foundation in 2017 and will continue the mission of bringing their customers the highest quality products available. In fact and moving forward, Spectrum Kratom aims to incorporate NON-GMO and Organic certifications into their processes if at all possible.

As you may very well already know, Kratom is and has been swirled in controversy. The FDA and PHARMA specifically want this natural and wonderous herb banned and cite that along with it having no medicinal value, it’s the sole source of 44 deaths. Although leading scientists and doctors have directly disputed all of these aforementioned deaths with proof, Kratom advocates are now at a pivotal moment with a possible ban by the DEA looming. One way we can help fight to keep Kratom legal is to implement some safety procedures into our manufacturing processes to eliminate any short sighted Kratom vendors who aren’t following any protocol from ruining the landscape for all of us who enjoy the benefits that Kratom brings. With that being said, The American Kratom Association (AKA) with the help of Spectrum Kratom has developed a GMP program which allows vendors to operate under the FDA’s GMP guidelines as illustrated in CFR-111 (The FDA’s guidelines for supplement manufacturers). Now that this program is active, Spectrum Kratom is on a very short list of GMP compliant vendors out of hundreds currently operating within the United States.

Simply put, buying Kratom products from The AKA’s GMP compliant vendors helps protect consumers from taking tainted products. Kratom vendors operating without standards and procedures have marred the Kratom industry for years now, including the Salmonella scare a few months ago. This was triggered by a vendor who was operating without lab testing its product, devoid of any regard for clean/sterile manufacturing procedures, and completely without recall standards. By operating under these GMP guidelines many of the FDA’s and DEA’s concerns about the safety of Kratom will be mitigated. In fact, states like Utah and Georgia have recently implemented “Kratom Consumer Protection Acts” which will force consumers to purchase from such verified vendors thus helping Kratom advocates to have the safest Kratom experience possible. Spectrum Kratom applauds itself and any vendors who have invested in this basic supplemental certification as it’s the first step towards correcting the errors of this industry’s past and will allow a future where the consumer has the freedom to choose which natural products they want to purchase.

American Kratom GMP