All You Need To Know About Kratom Strains & Their Different Colors

Kratom has a number of strains identified by different colors but the colors or strains do not have anything to do with your specific medical ailment. Though a number of blogs are live that have gone to say that medical ailments and colors have something in common, it is not true. But this disclosure is a breakthrough in medical experiments being carried out at the University of Florida which is quite enlightening.

It is better to say at the onset itself that some vendors have named some strains out of the blue to get themselves some customers but it is now quoted as that there are only there are just three colors of veins namely red, green and white. Strains are limited with no product taking shelf space for too long and laboratory tests are kept simple and uncomplicated.

Kratom strains and colors sit on each other very lightly meaning that there is no evidence pointing to any ambiguity between the colors and the strains. Kratom contains similar alkaloids but differs from person to person in the experience they outreach. Green is the most energetic strain with red as least energetic. Kratom is closely related to the coffee plant hence they contain a range of energies within them.

There are three Kratom Strains in all. They are-:

1) Red Kratom Strain

2) Green Kratom Strain

3) White Kratom Strain

They are qualitatively described as a super charged green vein, a tranquil red vein and a centering white vein.

Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa is quite near in likening to coffee plants and are found in the tropical regions of SE Asia. Kratom is at times used a s pain killer because it is a natural opioid. Kratom contains mild mind-altering compounds present in the leaves which are unique in treating coughs, opiate withdrawal, depression and anxiety.

Kratom can be purchased as leaves or in powdered form and powdered form is the most flexible one with it being added to smoothies, juice or into oatmeal and consumed.

Some of the common strains include Maeng Da, Bali, Thai, Indo etc and there is nothing very fancied about these names except that they belong to the places the Kratom leaf originates from. Spectrum imports leaves from a vetted plant in Indonesia and too much ado need n’t be added to this because Spectrum Kratom is still to be regulated.

MaengDa and Bali Kratom portray the same effects in kratom leaves obtained from there with pain relief and energy all rolled into one and due to excessive heat of Indonesia, MaengDa was made to deliver a huge kick, more than Bali which it does.

Spectrum Kratom in its quest for excellency is striving for bringing transparency and professionalism to the kratom industry with the aim of providing highest lab quality verified kratom. There are 17 types of strains and a few are mentioned below with the effects of the strains.

Certain strains and effects have been put down under as follows:

Bali: Euphoric Effects The most popular among all Kratom strains.

MaengDa: Energizing effect with pain relieving properties

Red Vein Kali: Sedative for sleep

Green leaf Congo: Stimulating Strain contains pain relieving properties.

White Vein Thai: Euphoric Properties

Natural Enhanced White Sumatra: Created using 90% pure alkaloid extraction using White Vein Kratom Strain and combining it with White Vein Leaf Strain.

Natural Enhanced True Thai: created using 90% alkaloid extraction using White Vein Kratom Strain and combining it with White Vein Leaf Strain.