Although the Kratom industry is currently unregulated, at Spectrum Kratom we believe in “self regulation” and have thus started to adopt some of the same principles and guidelines used throughout the food & herbal supplement landscapes. One of the most important of those standards are the laboratory testing of our Kratom products for a variety of assays including but not limited to: yeast, mold, E. Coli, Salmonella, alkaloid content, and adulterants. These reports can easily be viewed by clicking this link, and by referencing the Spectrum Kratom product lot number which is printed on the front of your packaged product. We realize most Kratom vendors do not do lab testing, but Spectrum Kratom wants to ensure that it’s customers enjoy “peace of mind” with respect to our pure and un-adulterated products. We believe it’s not enough to just claim that we test our products, but to actually post the results on our website for your reference!