Many Kratom consumers continue to debate the best method for it’s consumption. Some believe Kratom in its raw form is best, utilizing powder and leaf alone with no additives or adulterants. Others prefer the use and convenience of ingesting capsules filled with Kratom powder. Below we weigh the positive and negatives of consuming each form from our experience as Kratom advocates.

#3 –     Kratom Dried Leaf (The Least Popular!)


Dried Leaf is great for brewing tea and coincidentally one of the most traditional ways to consume the Kratom.  People who enjoy Kratom Tea usually steep the leaves in boiling water for 10 minutes, then let cool and enjoy! Some may find this method time consuming and difficult to consume without additional ingredients such as honey or a natural sweetener because kratom is extremely bitter. Another traditional use of Kratom is to chew on dry Kratom leaves. This method will truly remind you that Kratom is a leaf and 100% natural, but probably not the best method for consumption as it’s hard to get an accurate dosage without a digital scale. To summarize, consuming Kratom Leaf is the least popular method of consumption given the time it takes to prepare, the bitter taste of the kratom leaf, and the digital scale requirement.

#2 –     Kratom Powder

Although Powder is a great way to ingest Kratom, it can be messy, awful tasting, and difficult to measure accurately. It’s highly recommended that you measure your Kratom serving size with a digital gram scale and not with a measuring spoon or by your eye’s approximation. Many consumers have mistakenly taken too much Kratom powder due to inconsistent measuring, or using a spoon in place of a scale. One Kratom brand’s spoonful of Kratom powder might be light and fluffy whereas another Kratom company’s powder may be dense and tightly packed. These examples of inconsistency in the weights of Kratom can be disastrous as too much Kratom can cause nausea and dizziness.

Capsules vs Powder v3

#1 –  Kratom Capsules are the Most Popular, Convenient, and Efficient Method to Consume This Wonderous Herb


Capsules are the most popular method for consuming Kratom! Kratom advocates site capsules for ease of use along with a more easily measured dosage or serving size as most capsules contain .5 gram (this information should be listed on your Kratom vendor’s packaging for reference). It’s pretty easy to ingest a few Kratom capsules and get an accurate dosage in lieu of messy powder and a gram scale. Capsules can be stored in one’s purse, pocket, desk, etc. for a quick “pick me up” during the day. The only drawback with using Kratom capsules is the extended time the gelatin capsules take to break down in your stomach. Most Kratom advocates site about 20-30 minutes before they start feeling the effects.

Overall, all forms of Kratom can be used simply and safely. Leaf and powder require a scale and a high tolerance for the bitter and earthy taste of Kratom. Brewing tea requires a scale & a kettle/stovetop. The method of Kratom consumption is up to you and how much effort you are willing to invest. The purpose of this blog is to offer advice for newcomers while giving the regular Kratom consumer some insight into methods they may not have considered.

Please enjoy Kratom responsibly and make sure your vendor has your best interests in mind!