Some Kratom consumers believe that specific Kratom colors or strains carry properties that help their individual medical conditions. This is illustrated in countless forums & blogs where people maintain that certain colored strains will work exclusively for their ailment while others don’t work at all.  The truth is that there is no evidence that any specific Kratom color or strain works for any medical condition at all.  There are a few noticeable differences between the colors or strains however none of this information has been proven by scientific research yet. The good news is that these studies are currently taking place at the University of Florida, funded by NIDA (National Institute of Drug Abuse).

A common question we field is “What is the deal with all these strange Kratom strain names?”  The truth is that many Kratom vendors online have actually made up strain names as a marketing ploy to try and get you to buy their “exclusive” Kratom that no one else has. This means several strain names and colors are invented to catch your attention. At Spectrum Kratom we believe in transparency & therefore only carry the three primary vein colors of red, white and green. Limiting our strains makes it possible to have a high turnover of product, keeping our supply fresh as nothing sits on the shelf very long. Carrying only 3 strains also makes it easier to properly lab test. In other words, if a Kratom vendor has to test 40 different strains it’s plausible that the endeavor would be too time-consuming and not cost-effective for them. After thoroughly combing research, we’ve found no evidence that there are any differences between Kratom strains or colors, and at this time there is no data that proves there are different sub-species of the Kratom plant.

In our experience, the main effect difference between the various Kratom leaf colors is the amount of energy you experience. All Kratom contains the same alkaloids, but the levels of these alkaloids can cause a different experience from person to person (this usually presents itself on the energy spectrum). Most report green as the most energetic strain and cite red as the least energetic. Kratom is closely related to the Coffee plant so it’s no surprise that there is a range of energy contained within it.

Some commonly used Kratom strain names are: Maeng Da, Bali, Thai, Indo, etc.. These names are not scientific names rather just areas in Southeast Asia where Kratom grows. Spectrum Kratom procures all of its Kratom from Indonesia from a vetted farm, but the main thing to take away from this article is that you cannot believe much you read online in regards to Kratom, Kratom names, strains, and related medical effects because it isn’t regulated yet. At Spectrum Kratom, our goal is to bring transparency, professionalism, and supplement industry procedures to the Kratom industry while providing the highest quality lab tested Kratom.