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Although Kratom is naturally stimulating, Spectrum Kratom’s Red Capsules and Powder contain the least amount of energy and focus, with most customers considering it calming. In fact, I believe The Eagles may have written their song, “Peaceful, Easy, Feeling” about Spectrum Kratom’s Red Strain! Others commonly refer to our Red as soothing, tranquil, and serene. In sequence to our Red, Spectrum Kratom’s White and then Green may also offer a calming effect, although most use those for focus and energy.

Kratom leaves are part of the coffee/tea family, and as such should be considered mildly stimulating no matter which color of strain you choose. However, if you’re looking for a good clean energy source with regards to performance, Spectrum Kratom’s Green Capsules and Powder would be an excellent match. Just below that with respect to energy would be our White, which is highly coveted by customers as generating the most focus and clarity. For those looking for a mild energy boost, Spectrum Kratom’s Red will hit the spot!

When it comes to focus, clarity of thought, and concentration, Spectrum Kratom’s White Capsules and Powder would be a great match for you. Just below White with respect to focus would be our Green strain, which is a favorite among customers looking for energy. Lastly, Spectrum Kratom’s Red Capsules and Powder would offer a small amount of energy/focus for those looking for a mild “pick-me-up”.

Kratom comes in different forms and veins. To simplify the process Spectrum Kratom carries an energetic Green Vein a more relaxing Red Vein and a mid energy White Vein. The closest comparison would be coffee and the caffeine levels. Green would be considered a shot of espresso. Red would be decaffeinated. White could be compared to half-caffeinated.

With kratom as with all supplements and health regiments start small and work up. Kratom should be consumed away from other supplements or pharmaceuticals. This will allow you to have a better understanding of the effects of Kratom moving forward. New consumers shouldn’t have an empty stomach or a thanksgiving feast prior to consumption but somewhere in-between is ideal. Start with 1gram of powder or two capsules. Ideally you would set an alarm on your phone for every 30 min.

When taking Kratom powder it is ideal to use a digital scale that measures to tenth of a gram. The main mistake newcomers to Kratom powder encounter is taking too much and rendering themselves useless on the couch or worse in front of the porcelain throne. This mistake is almost exclusively because they use a spoon and ‘eyeball’ their daily amount. To avoid this always use a scale and be familiar on operating a digital scale. 

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