As of today, Kratom (also known as Mitragyna Speciosa) is an unregulated herbal product sold throughout the United States. Although regulation can be interpreted differently depending on which industry we’re discussing, with Kratom this may unfortunately mean that whichever company you’re currently purchasing from is NOT following any safety or health protocol as you’d find in the regulated food & supplement industries. In other words, it’s probable that your Kratom vendor isn’t paying attention to: lab testing, safety guidelines, a recall plan in the event of product contamination, mislabeled product, or added elements/adulteration to their Kratom, etc.. What does this mean to you? This means that the Kratom you’re presently consuming may have been packed in someone’s dirty garage without the use of gloves, hairnets or beard-nets, whilst using contaminated product or product that wouldn’t pass any of the food regulated lab test requirements for: yeast, mold, contaminants, bacteria, and a whole bunch of other things you shouldn’t be putting in your body! Moreover, these companies are able to hide behind a poorly written disclaimer on the front of their packaging, thereby mitigating their liability and forgetting altogether their responsibility with regards to your health in their pursuit for profit.

Although the Kratom industry is unregulated as mentioned above, Spectrum Kratom believes in SELF REGULATION, and along with The American Kratom Association have decided to elevate the current standards (or lack thereof) across this landscape. The impetus for this is consumer safety, and our vision is to adopt the already written guidelines created by the FDA in the herbal supplement industry. The good news for you is that this directly translates into your Kratom being packed in a clean facility utilizing trained employees with cleanliness and safety at the forefront of their tasking. In addition, we’ll be implementing in depth lab reports on each and every strain we carry, including assays determining: mold, yeast, coliforms, bacteria, E. Coli, Salmonella, adulterants, and a litany of other elements that would adversely affect your health. On top of this, we will keep detailed records of each lot and batch of our product that goes out into the world in the event of a recall (which we’ve seen in the past caused by Salmonella tainted products).

We realize that consumers have a choice when they purchase Kratom, but our goal is to instill confidence into every unit of Spectrum Kratom’s capsules, powders, and tinctures sold as money well spent. To find out more about upcoming standards, please visit and click on their proposed GMP plan.