Kratom Costs & Inflation

Good News

With rampant inflation across the world, Kratom is no exception. Spectrum Kratom intends on maintaining our current margins for as long as possible. This will allow customers to access the same high-quality Kratom at our current prices. Spectrum Kratom has incurred severe price increases during this uncertain period already. Luckily we have made some long-term investments in our customer’s satisfaction and this will allow customers to continue to get great Kratom at a low price. 

Possibly Bad News

Inflation normally occurs however at this current pace nearly all industries are being forced to make tough decisions. Spectrum Kratom isn’t immune to these cost increases. With rising energy and operation costs consumer price increases may be necessary soon. We will update this blog as we learn more in the coming months. 

Message From the Team!

Spectrum would like to thank all of our wonderful customers as we transition thru this period. We appreciate every customer and look forward to getting thru these times of uncertainty.