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Spectrum Kratom values our customers opinions and love to hear feedback. Below are some of our customer reviews left over the past couple years! We pride ourselves on good customer service and providing high quality kratom.

Spectrum Kratom

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Been a customer for years and we like this store the best. Highly recommend!

Sheryl Johnston Avatar Sheryl Johnston
February 1, 2023

Staff is great! Been coming here for awhile now. They are the best!

Nolan Barraza Avatar Nolan Barraza
August 25, 2023

I have to say the Quality Top Notch.. Great Customer Service Also reasonable prices. Also a very Knowledgeable Company.

Sal Alfieri Jr Avatar Sal Alfieri Jr
March 1, 2023

This place is as good as it gets, straight up. You gotta see it to believe it-- they're a head and shoulders above anyone else out there in terms of the quality and safety of their product, and the staff is awesome, especially Conor who helped me. I recommend checking them out, and there's a bomb sandwich shop in the same business park. Checks all my bases and they both hook it up. 🙂

Steven Ewald Avatar Steven Ewald
September 1, 2021

I stopped by after doing research on many websites; Conner, one of the owners, greeted me and gave me a very well Informed run down of what this products really is. Spectrum Kratom has done their homework and lab tests their supplements thoroughly so you know you're getting the real deal. I back this place 100% and am only coming here moving forward.

Armando Lopez Avatar Armando Lopez
April 1, 2023

really great customer service and informative employees. the quality of kratom is of a known and trusted source so you wont be getting any suspicious addictive additives.

Dil Avatar Dil
August 1, 2023

Awesome place! Superb customer service! I believe I met with connor, who was super friendly and knowledge! Product is A+++++. Felt at home with Spectrum! Super glad I switched from the other vendor around the way to you guys. Thanks a bunch guys see you on monday!!

Nathan Smith Avatar Nathan Smith
September 1, 2021

Been supporting them for years and plan on it for many years more. Staff is friendly and VERY knowledgeable.

Andrew Solorsano Avatar Andrew Solorsano
February 1, 2023

Great service Dylan was awesome, we will be back for sure!

Brian Myers Avatar Brian Myers
July 1, 2023

Dylan was knowledgeable and helpful with great customer service. Smooth and simple thank you! Will definitely be returning!

Stacey Arreola Avatar Stacey Arreola
March 1, 2023

Great product and great service

Mike Williams Avatar Mike Williams
September 1, 2021

Knowledgeable, friendly staff who are happy to tell you everything you need to know about Kratom. Customer appreciation discount and free shipping. My favorite Kratom store!

Jim R Avatar Jim R
March 1, 2023

This place is great. I went in with my buddy and Connor helped us out. He was super knowledgeable and helped us find exactly what we were looking for. He also let us know that their product is a step up from what you’re getting from the tobacco shops. He wasn’t wrong. Their kratom is significantly better than anything I’ve tried before and I will certainly be purchasing from them again.

austin talalla Avatar austin talalla
September 1, 2021

Great experience was a bit nervous about it but Dylan was very helpful and knowledgeable about any answer for the questions I had. Definitely a 5 or of 5 and will be returning

Jason Valdivia Avatar Jason Valdivia
March 1, 2023

Awesome place! Excellent customer service, have to be grateful for Connor for helping me out. Will come back again!

Moises Bravo Avatar Moises Bravo
September 1, 2022

Its honestly the smartest option in terms of quality, safety, and convinience (with delivery as an option). Would definitely reccoment to a family or friend. Thanks a bunch.

Anthony Fuentes Avatar Anthony Fuentes
September 1, 2022

Best place around! So friendly and informative. My go to place. Don’t order the icky stuff online or at smoke shops. This place is the real deal and they are simply the best! Great local kratom spot!

Melanie Fantus Avatar Melanie Fantus
January 1, 2023

I have bought kratom all over SD county and this place is hands down the best. I drove 1 1/2 hrs extra up to Carlsbad and glad I did. They test their products for the highest quality and I can attest that they're the best. I used to buy direct from Indo, not anymore. I only buy overseas to sell, for personal use I am going to use Spectrum. Thank you.

Kelly Buzby Avatar Kelly Buzby
September 1, 2021

Good time were had. Very knowledgeable with their trade. Definitely coming back!!

Derrill Gifford Avatar Derrill Gifford
September 1, 2021

I moved from here from Seattle and was looking for a Kratom shop that knew what they were selling and we're educated about their product instead of just going to a run of the mill tobacco shop. These guys are top notch and passionate about Kratom and their shop. Clean modern designed shop. Always friendly and helpful. Check them out. They are helpful, educated and provide consult if you are new to Kratom or just have questions. Attention to detail with packaging and different sizes/strains to choose from!

Dennis Cordova Avatar Dennis Cordova
September 1, 2021

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