Piecemeal or Lumped Servings

When taking kratom a common question is ‘do I piecemeal or take a lumped serving.’ A piecemeal serving would be talking one capsule every 30 min and a lumped serving is taking a larger amount every 4-5 hours. Now, because Kratom is so controversial and the lack of research we can’t provide a definitive answer to this. However, the staff here has knocked their heads together and come up with a guide to help. 

Most who try the piecemeal approach with their Kratom switch to the lumped serving style every 4-5 hours. Very few who try the piecemeal get any effect from their Kratom. When starting with Kratom it can be nerve racking taking 4 capsules at once. Especially when you have a pharmaceutical mindset. It is easy to forget that Kratom powder and capsules are simply a leaf from a tree when it can be so effective. 

When you consume a serving in small amounts / piecemeal Kratom every 30 min the alkaloids do not have sufficient levels of mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine to deliver an effect. When you consume a lumped or larger serving every 4-5 hours the alkaloids have enough potency then become active and give you the effects you desire. 

There may be other reasons why one would take smaller piecemeal servings. If you are looking to get the most efffective Kratom serving try taking a serving every 4-5 hours.

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