Brett Martin

Kratom Costs & Inflation

Good News With rampant inflation across the world, Kratom is no exception. Spectrum Kratom intends on maintaining our current margins for as long as possible. This will allow customers to access the same high-quality Kratom at our current prices. Spectrum Kratom has incurred severe price increases during this uncertain period already. Luckily we have made […]

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Prop 65 Warning

Timber Hawkeye – “You can’t calm the storm, so stop trying. What you can do is calm yourself. The storm will pass.†  While we believe our products are safe Spectrum Kratom has elected to provide the prop 65 warning out of an abundance of caution.    What is Californias Prop 65 warning? This warning

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Boost Your Kratom!

Theodore Roosevelt – “Do what you can, With what you have, Where you are”  Why settle for just OK? Rocket your Kratom experience to the next level. This article lists three easy steps to boost your Kratom.    Citrus Whether you take powder, tea or capsules some form of liquid is required to consume your

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Kratom and Cram

Ric Ocacek – “Secrecy is the enemy of efficiency, but don’t let anyone know it.” Earth spins at 1000 MPH while traveling at 67,000 MPH around the sun. So, it can be hard to keep up. Many Kratom consumers report that a small servings of Kratom provides a steady focus that may increase your productivity.

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Get fit with Kratom!

 Adding Kratom to a fitness regiment can help you reach your goals with enthusiasm! If you find yourself getting sluggish on the drive to the gym or before a run for example, try adding a little Kratom. With it’s stimulating effects, Kratom can assist you through your training session with enough energy to spare. Just

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What is an eCheck?

Is an E Check a Secure Payment Method? E Checks are a secure form of payment, and are no different than writing a check to your local grocery store, although it may take up to 7 business days to clear. Spectrum Kratom’s E Check payments are processed by Green.Money, the largest eCheck processing company in

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Kratom for pain?

Does Kratom Help with Pain? Why doesn’t Spectrum Kratom mention pain relief? Because of The FDA’s regulations on supplements, Spectrum Kratom isn’t allowed to publish structural claims about Kratom’s effectiveness in treating pain or any other condition that it helps with. Many consumers do use Kratom to help with various conditions, however no guarantee of it’s

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