What is an eCheck?

Is an E Check a Secure Payment Method?

E Checks are a secure form of payment, and are no different than writing a check to your local grocery store, although it may take up to 7 business days to clear. Spectrum Kratom’s E Check payments are processed by Green.Money, the largest eCheck processing company in the United States, and they implement various methods to protect against fraudulent orders and identity theft. With an E Check payment due to the lag in process time, Spectrum Kratom assumes all the risk so your order may take a few days before it ships for first time customer. This is due to the amount of time it takes for us to actually receive your money. Please make sure you have enough money in your account to cover your order and know it won’t come out of your account for a few days. However, once you have an established account with Spectrum Kratom and/or you’ve placed one successful order with us using E Check, all future orders will ship the same day as it was received. 

I’m a First Time Customer Paying With E Check, How Long Before My Order Ships?

For a first time Spectrum Kratom customer the best way to get your order as quickly as possible is to either use a credit card at checkout or to call us directly and place your order over the phone using alternative peer to peer payment methods. This will help you to avoid the eCheck 7 day lag time altogether. If you still would like to use ECheck as a first time customer you will be waiting a few days for your order to ship, but you’ll definitely receive it! 


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  1. Please give us a call we are happy to walk you thru this process. We also have a Credit and Debit card option now!!! YAY

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