Kratom and Credit / Debit Cards

Spectrum Kratom is proud to offer Credit and/or Debit payments for our product line, in a partnership with T1 payments. After successfully placing an order on Spectrum Kratom’s website, your bank/credit card statement will reflected as SpectrumK442080778461. 

Spectrum Kratom has been a little trepidatious in the past to allow Credit / Debit transactions due to the fleeting nature of the shady companies that offered it to us. With this particular credit card payment option, Spectrum feels confident due to T1’s comprehensive fraud protection. The Kratom industry may institute new rules and regulations in the future and Spectrum Kratom will alway adhere to these. 

However fraud still occurs and seems to be more prevalent within the Kratom industry for some reason. We’re hopeful that our new T1 credit card payment option will help mitigate this issue. Every payment method has a small chance for fraud, but Spectrum Kratom has alway put our customers privacy at the top of our priorities. If there is anything we can do to help mitigate your concerns please reach out to us directly and we will address these to the best of our abilities. 

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