Kratom for pain?

Does Kratom Help with Pain? Why doesn’t Spectrum Kratom mention pain relief?

Because of The FDA’s regulations on supplements, Spectrum Kratom isn’t allowed to publish structural claims about Kratom’s effectiveness in treating pain or any other condition that it helps with. Many consumers do use Kratom to help with various conditions, however no guarantee of it’s effectiveness has been proven. Everyday more research on the effects of Kratom is getting published providing insight that could lead to effective therapeutic treatments for pain and anxiety. Yet at time Kratom research is expensive and highly political. Also, the FDA has not approved Kratom to relive pain or for any medical purpose and have placed Kratom on its ‘Grey’ list. Nevertheless, this hasn’t stopped millions of Americans from trying Kratom to treat and/or manage their chronic pain, with more and more Americans flocking to Kratom everyday! Facebook groups and forums have propelled Kratom into pain management conversations across the county. 

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  1. I totally get it! You’re not allowed to make any structured health statements about Kratom, that’s a shame! I know a lot of people who do use Kratom for this very reason:)

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