Scales over Scoops!

A small scale and cap on top of a table.

Jerome Cady – “It is a wise man who knows where courage ends and stupidity begins.”

When measuring Kratom powder you might have heard a Spectrum Crew member go on a diatribe about using a scale. When preparing a serving of kratom powder Spectrum urges everyone to use a scale accurate to the tenth of a gram. This provides a stable serving amount every time. The logic behind using a scale over a scoop is kratom is easily compacted and a small mound one day may contain 2 grams and the next 4.5 grams. The analogy you may have heard from a Crew member over the phone is ‘what weighs more a bucket of sand or a bucket of feathers?’ hyperbolic but you get the logic behind the warning. 

Why do you push for scale use!?

The number one complaint or adverse event that we hear from our customers is taking an unknown amount of kratom powder and getting nauseous or sick. Nearly 4 years later we have yet to receive an adverse reaction report from a consumer using a scale. Luck … maybe! But why take the chance Spectrum sells good digital pocket scales or you can find cheaper one on amazon that will work. 

Long time Kratom consumers might turn their nose up at a scale. Ignore the noise stay safe measure your kratom volume by weight and not by spoon-full. 

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Tip: Pearl would use a scale!

Pearl I. Young, the NACA’s first female professional, at work in the instrument research laboratory circa 1929. Photograph published in Winds of Change, 75th Anniversary NASA publication, by James Schultz, page 47. Also published in Engineer in Charge: A History of the Langley Aeronautical Laboratory, 1917-1958 by James R. Hansen, (page 209).

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  1. This is great advice! I always use a scale so that I get a specific and accurate serving size with my Kratom use:)

    1. He does. Everyday he is measuring his serving to the tenth of a gram! What a model Kratom warrior!

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