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Covid Craziness!

Covid shutdowns have resulted in a distillation of power across the world. Every local small business that closes or downsizes a huge corporation absorbs their market share and value. So it is more important than ever to shop small businesses and support local companies. This will undoubtedly affect your community after covid shutdowns are long over.

I work for a fortune 500 company this wont effect me!

Every layoff in your community leads to hunger and less tax revenue for you! That means the tax burden is also shifted to those who are still earning. Schools and roads will suffer. The Covid effects will be felt for years possibly decades. Even if your industry is unaffected your community most certainly will be. 

How can I help!?

Easy shop and support companies that support your communities. Many have the habit of spending more on travel or during vacation in other towns or cities. But with many small companies struggling. A little extra spending could help your neighbors if even indirectly. Instead of a steak dinner on vacation host an end of quarantine party this summer for neighbors and friends. Hire a local musician, get meat from a local butcher and ask friends to bring their favorite local treats. The ripples of your party and the sentiment will travel far past curfew. LETS MAKE WAVES!

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Tip: Working together we can curb the negative effects of the COVID19 shutdowns. 

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