Adding Kratom to my daily routine?

Whats Kratom good for!?

Because of Kratoms energetic profile consumers love to take kratom before any period of activity. Green is normally the primary choice because of its high energy levels. Running, weight training, cross-fit, boxing whatever you do to stay fit Kratom can power you thru a workout and then some. Roughly lasting 4 hours Kratom can also help you with work tasks that require a singular focus and drive. 

What if I need to take Kratom in the evening?

All Kratom has a slight amount of energy and should be taken away from bedtime. For those who don’t struggle with sleep Red Kratom can help you wind down or just help ease you day away. Spectrum usually recommends leaving at least 4 hrs between kratom and bedtime. Red can replace that glass of wine or beer after a long day at the office. Kick back watch a movie read a book go for a constitutional around the block. Red might not put you to sleep but it can certainly be consumed for a nice evening without the energy rush of Green.  

I work at my desk all day what can Kratom do for me?

White Kratom is a great addition to the cubical or corner office. With a steady energy and drive White Kratom can power your Wednesday. Consumers love the punch white gives you without feeling of a triple shot espresso. White Kratom has the goldilocks energy for the office or study session … Just right! Sometimes called Yellow kratom White has a the reputation for focus and attention. 

Tip: Adjust your Kratom type for the activity.

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