Get fit with Kratom!

 Adding Kratom to a fitness regiment can help you reach your goals with enthusiasm! If you find yourself getting sluggish on the drive to the gym or before a run for example, try adding a little Kratom. With it’s stimulating effects, Kratom can assist you through your training session with enough energy to spare. Just keep in mind that Kratom in low amounts can be energetic whereas Kratom in high amounts can result in a sluggish or relaxed feeling. Kratom is an individual experience though, so your energy level will be relative to your body’s absorption rate.

Finding the perfect serving size of Kratom for a great workout-

 If you have tried the ‘Incremental Method’ to find your perfect serving size, we think this is a great starting point. Click here to check out the Incremental Method. About 30 min prior to your workout take a low serving of Kratom (which for most people would range from 1.5 grams to 3 grams) and drink plenty of water. Kratom may cause you to sweat a little more than usual, so hydration is key to a great workout. If you suffer from cramps normally, try looking into adding an electrolyte solution to your pre hydration. No one likes a foot-cramp at any point in a run! 

If you are new to training/fitness remember to start slow and don’t push yourself at first. If you push too hard you may suffer an injury that will set your fitness goals back, so it would serve you well to start slow and work up until you reach your desired intensity. Consistency is the key to any health regiment. 

We’d love to hear from you. Post your experience with Kratom and how you like to stay active in the comments below! LETS GO!!! 

A group of people in the pool with an inflatable raft.

Tip: Staying fit doesn’t have to be a pain. Find activities you enjoy and make time for them!

Prime crew members announced by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) for the first crewed Apollo 1 spaceflight practice water egress procedures in a swimming pool at Ellington Air Force Base (EAFB), Houston, Texas. Astronaut Edward H. White II rides life raft in the foreground. Astronaut Roger B. Chaffee sits in hatch of the boilerplate model of the spacecraft. Astronaut Virgil I. Grissom, third member of the crew, waits inside the spacecraft.

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  1. 4 Capsules 30 min before the gym! 45-60 min of weight training! 4-5 days a week … Ideally … sometimes its more pizza and burgers but I try!

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