The ‘Incremental Method’

“If you’re gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough†– Roger Alen Wade

Kratom isn’t without its negative effects. Taking too much kratom can leave you sick in bed or worse praying to the porcelain throne. Some consumers are often given Kratom by a friend. Usually this ‘Friend’ has taken kratom before and they know their Goldilocks amount of kratom. First time consumers of Kratom you should follow the ‘Incremental Method’ to ensure a smooth experience. 

So where do I start?

With kratom as with all supplements and health regiments start small and work up. Kratom should be consumed away from other supplements or pharmaceuticals. This will allow you to have a better understanding of the effects of Kratom moving forward. New consumers shouldn’t have an empty stomach or a thanksgiving feast prior to consumption but somewhere in-between is ideal. Start with 1gram of powder or two capsules. Ideally you would set an alarm on your phone for every 30 min. This way you will be prompted to take a mental note (real notes are better you wont forget these) of the effects you are feeling. If over the next 4-5 hours you have zero to little effects from the Kratom you may increase your Kratom dose. Be diligent to wait the entire 4-5 hours prior to increasing your dose. Ideally you would just wait until the following day. Repeat this as you increase your dose by 1 gram or 2 capsules. If you begin to feel the effects of Kratom its recommended that you lower you increments to 1 capsule or .5 grams instead of the full 1 gram or 2 capsules. 

For Example;

Day 1: 2 Capsules @ 8:30am ( I didn’t feel anything ) 

Day 2: 4 Capsules @ 8:30am ( hmm I think I felt a little bit of energy. I would say it wore off after 4 hours @ 12:30pm )

Day 3: 5 Capsules @ 8:00am ( I could definitely feel the energy but my knee was still sore during this 4 hour period. ) 

Day 4: 6 Capsules @ 8:30am ( Wow! I was energized all morning and my knee was feeling great it wore off around 1:00pm )

Wait ‘notes’ are for NASA nerds right!?

Having a little bit of data isn’t just for nerds. The Crew here at Spectrum Kratom are even known to take notes. We are a pretty cool bunch IMO! Just text yourself or your friend who introduced you to kratom with the updates they can even provide feedback from their ‘Incremental Method’ if they where cool enough to jot down some data. You don’t need a trapper-keeper or a macbook to take a few notes. The Incremental Method is the safeguard from any unfortunate Kratom experiences!



Tip: Having a baseline is important in every experiment.

A human computer at work with a microscope collecting data at Langley Research Center. She sits next to a Friden calculating machine. The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) hired women to serve as “computers” in the mid 1930s, doing the drudge work of reading data from test results (from film as shown here), calculating formulas and plotting results.

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