What Kratom product is right for me?

What Kratom products are right for me? Green vs Red Vein? What are all these weird Kratom names?

Kratom comes in different forms and veins. To simplify the process Spectrum Kratom carries an energetic Green Vein a more relaxing Red Vein and a mid energy White Vein. The closest comparison would be coffee and the caffeine levels. Green would be considered a shot of espresso. Red would be decaffeinated. White could be compared to half-caffeinated. You may have seen many wild names across the internet or in smoke shops. Many of these names are just regions in southeast Asia. There is really no difference between all these products except in when the leaves are harvested and how long they are cured. Green = Go, Red = Stop and White = Slow is an easy way to remember the energy effects you may experience. Click here to read more about the many uses for different kratom veins.

Why do some people like powder? Doesn’t it taste really bitter?

Some customers would rather consume their kratom in powder form. Kratom powder is bitter and not exactly what many would consider palatable. However what you sacrifice in taste you make up with effectiveness and the speed of relief. Without a gelatin capsule surrounding the kratom powder as in the capsules the powder will render effects much faster. Many consumers report efficacy speeds up to 30 mins faster than that of the capsules. For consumers interested in extracts or tinctures click here to read about these more potent forms of Kratom. 

How much Kratom should I take? My friend told me to take this amount?

Kratom requires a sense of self exploration. No two consumers will be the same. Some kratom consumers report 5-6 hours of efficacy and others only 3-4 hrs. Kratom might only be taken before an event for some and others may use it everyday in their health regiment similar to coffee or other supplements. The amount you consume varies as well. Large men may take less kratom than a petite woman. Everyones body composition is different. Read more here on the ‘Incremental Method’.

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