Just like everything and everyone Kratom occurs on a spectrum!

“You should never take more than you give” – Sir Elton John

So you wanna explore everything kratom has to offer!? Well you came to the right place. Kratom comes in many forms and types. Capsules and powder must be too boring for you welcome aboard. Extracts and Tinctures are the next step on your journey. Early NASA didn’t shoot for the moon initially. First they made a rocket that wouldn’t explode then put a monkey in orbit. Tincture and extracts are for these consumers who have already put their monkey in orbit. 

What is a Tincture? Is it like tea?

Tincture is an extract or concentrate. There are 100s of different types of tinctures in this article we are going to focus the Spectrum Kratom Tincture. Spectrum uses NON-GMO ethanol (food grade) to slowly pull the alkaloids out of the plant material. Then using lab grade equipment most of the ethanol is removed and you are left with an extremely concentrated formula of kratom. Our proprietary method then flavors and reconstitutes this concentrate to something more palatable. Tea is technically a tincture just a really weak watered down version. Kratom is consumed in tea however the taste is a bit like rocket fuel. 

So why is this tincture the bees knees?

Spectrum is one of the few kratom manufactures who is enrolled in the American Kratom Associations cGMP program. This means all products are vetted and tested to a minimum standard set fourth by the AKA. Spectrum also uses the highest quality ethanol vs butane or co2 that in some cases leave behind harmful carcinogens. The tincture is lightly flavored with natural peppermint to help with taste. Packaged in glass bottles this removes any possibility of leaching that may occur in plastic bottles. The amber color will also extend the shelf life of the tincture and improve the potency during its lifetime. 

Wow its expensive!?

Yep. Not much we can do about this. Creating high quality tincture at a commercial level requires expensive ingredients, very expensive equipment and plenty crew hours. However the ease and speed that the kratom effects are delivered may be worth it to some consumers. Kratom tincture of similar potency and amounts are usually priced above Spectrums prices as we are the manufacture this allows us to have one of the best price points in the industry. There are also many videos across the internet on more basic tincture methods. If the inner lab rat is scratching to give it a try yourself Spectrum just reminds you to be extremely cautious. Extracts and tinctures have a much higher chance to make you ill. 

A man working in an electrical lab.

Tip: Every Spectrum Kratom Tincture uses 11 grams or 22 capsules worth of kratom material. So think twice before going to the moon.


Chemical Vapor Deposition Reaction Chamber at the Lewis (now Glenn) Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio.

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