Why do I need a scale for powder?

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Why do I need a scale? Cant I just use a spoon?

When taking Kratom powder it is ideal to use a digital scale that measures to tenth of a gram. The main mistake newcomers to Kratom powder encounter is taking too much and rendering themselves useless on the couch or worse in front of the porcelain throne. This mistake is almost exclusively because they use a spoon and ‘eyeball’ their daily amount. To avoid this always use a scale and be familiar on operating a digital scale. 

Well how about a measuring spoon?

So a measuring spoon is not without faults. For instance take a 5 gallon bucket of concrete and a 5 gallon bucket of feathers of these two what bucket weighs more? Don’t mess this question up! Hyperbolic I know. But sometimes kratom can be extremely tightly packed and dense. Other Kratom will be light, fluffy and loosely packed. This can be because it was just shipped across county in a airtight package, moisture levels or just the way you scooped it out. To avoid the pressure or a hyperbolic question from a condescending Spectrum crew member just use a scale. 

Im a Kratom gangster so I just eyeball it!

Ok well just don’t expect any sympathy from the Spectrum Kratom crew! Once you experience an afternoon of nausea you will only have yourself to blame. If you are without a scale and without a measuring spoon just remember you can always take more later. Err on the side of safety. Consumers are always surprised how little kratom they actually need. Many consumers try to find their high amount serving however its far more effective (cost and effect) when you take your low amount serving. Check out our ‘Incremental Method’ article here.

Let us know in the comments below if you had a bad day because you skipped the scale.

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Tip: Don’t be dead weight use a scale!


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  1. This makes sense! It’s really important to be accurate with your Kratom serving size. In other words, using a scale allows you to get consistent results. Trying to eyeball what you think maybe 3.5 grams will most likely result in taking too much, which could be associated with nausea, vomiting, and dizziness.

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