Red stop Green go!? Is it that easy?

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Whats the deal with all these different types of kratom?

Kratom can have a multitude of effects. Some kratom can be extremely energetic and some might be relaxing. This comes down to how the plant is processed and cured. Spectrum Kratom has simplified the kratom process and only sources the best in each category. Although this guide might not be accurate for everyone this should help the broad majority of Kratom consumers. Everyones body chemistry is different as are the effects of Kratom.

Red Vein

Red vein is usually the most relaxing type of Kratom. Cured longer and allowed to oxidize this neutralizes some of these energetic alkaloids. Kratom is so understudied we still don’t know exactly what alkaloid is responsible for this energetic effect. Kratom has more than 40 different alkaloids. Red kratom is best for consumers who might not like the effects of coffee or maybe just don’t need caffeine to be productive. Red is also nice to wind down or maybe kick back and watch a film. We recommend ‘Space Odyssey 2001’, ‘Interstellar’, ‘Close Encounters’, and ‘Star Wars’. 

White Vein

White has an energy profile somewhere in-between red and green. The Spectrum Crew takes white when some of our more tedious tasks are required. You wont get that burst of energy that you get from green but the energy level seems to go great at work. When extreme focus is required white seems to shine as well. Maybe you have a report due or just wanna get some reading in. Spectrum recommends ‘Chariots of the Gods’, ‘A Brief History of Time’, ‘Dune’ and ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’.

Green Vein

Green will have the most energetic profile. If you like to work out, have a physically demanding job or just like the feel of a triple shot of espresso to your dome green is your go to! Waking up early sucks green will make is suck less. In-between meat lovers pizza Spectrums Crew like to hit the gym as part of our health routine. Taking green 30 minutes before your training session is a sure fire way for a great workout. Spectrum Recommends Deep squats, Dead lifts, stairs, and sprints if you want a rocket of a back side! 

Tip: You wont know what works best unless you try them all.


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  1. In my life, green is my “go-to” strain of Kratom. I truly enjoy and utilize it’s energy!

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