Get fit with Kratom!

 Adding Kratom to a fitness regiment can help you reach your goals with enthusiasm! If you find yourself getting sluggish on the drive to the gym or before a run for example, try adding a little Kratom. With it’s stimulating effects, Kratom can assist you through your training session with enough energy to spare. Just […]

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What is an eCheck?

Is an E Check a Secure Payment Method? E Checks are a secure form of payment, and are no different than writing a check to your local grocery store, although it may take up to 7 business days to clear. Spectrum Kratom’s E Check payments are processed by Green.Money, the largest eCheck processing company in

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Kratom for pain?

Does Kratom Help with Pain? Why doesn’t Spectrum Kratom mention pain relief? Because of The FDA’s regulations on supplements, Spectrum Kratom isn’t allowed to publish structural claims about Kratom’s effectiveness in treating pain or any other condition that it helps with. Many consumers do use Kratom to help with various conditions, however no guarantee of it’s

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Scales over Scoops!

Jerome Cady – “It is a wise man who knows where courage ends and stupidity begins.” When measuring Kratom powder you might have heard a Spectrum Crew member go on a diatribe about using a scale. When preparing a serving of kratom powder Spectrum urges everyone to use a scale accurate to the tenth of

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The office of Spectrum Kratum

Support your local community!

Covid Craziness! Covid shutdowns have resulted in a distillation of power across the world. Every local small business that closes or downsizes a huge corporation absorbs their market share and value. So it is more important than ever to shop small businesses and support local companies. This will undoubtedly affect your community after covid shutdowns

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